Welcome to my site!
About me

I'm a software developer based in Minnesota, USA who focuses on both client and server applications. Over the years I've worked in the areas of unix system administration, database management (Sybase & SQL Server), PHP development, but these days I spend most of my time working on server/client .NET code with a mix of Typescript web applications.

In the software community I'm an avid consumer of a lot of the outstanding content available online, but I'm more of a lurker these days. If you're curious you can find me on Twitter, GitHub & Stack Overflow.

I currently work at Rosemount, which is a company that manufactures industrial instrumentation devices for the process industry (pressure transmitters, flow meters, etc...). I am currently building a Service Oriented Architecture powered by WebAPI and SignalR to let us build client applications that are independent from back-end systems, and in a variety of forms (both .NET and web applications). I know microservices are all the rage right now, but we're going for the majestic monolith.

Outside of professional work I enjoy spending time with my family, running, photography, golfing, and of course programming :)

About this site

I have maintained some form of sstorie.com since the early 2000's. Over the years I've re-written it as a PHP site, then Ruby-on-Rails, then an ASP.NET/MVC site, then an Angular 1 SPA, and now it's a mix of server/client pages using ASP.NET WebAPI 2, Nancy & Angular 2.

This current version features a fun photo gallery built entirely in Angular 2, but powered by a backend API and a collection of Azure web jobs for various tasks. This app takes advantage of Microsoft's Project Oxford APIs to analyze my images and extract all kinds of interesting metadata. I also have a meal planning app that I wrote (as my first Angular 2 app!) to help take the stress out of planning meals for our family. As the site evolves I am going to really try to start writing up some blog posts about how I built these apps, as well as maintain an up to date changlog.


Over the years I've usually had a co-located server in a local data center that I ran everything from. Now however I've fully embraced Microsoft's Azure solution and host everything out of there. I use their app services to power the site, Azure SQL Database to store data, Azure storage for storing all my images and to provide queues for coordinating tasks, and finally Application Insights for helping understand performance and to diagnose issues.

In addition to the hosting provided by Azure I leverage their Visual Studio Team Services to host the git repo of all the code, and to execute a nice continuous integration pipeline so making updates to the site is quick and easy.